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Coin Marked Snake (Hemorrhois nummifer)


The Coin Marked Snake is characterised by a yellowish-brownish or greyish main colour, which is covered by brown spots, in a circular shape similar to coins, hence where it gets its name from. It is considered a medium-large sized snake, with a maximum of one metre and a half.


The Coin Marked Snake is native to many countries around the world, such as Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus and Greece (only in the Aegean islands). As a snake, the Hemorrhois nummifer inhabits mostly habitats that provide both shelter in dense vegetation, and high sunlight exposure, from which they get their energy. It also prefers to be in close contact with a source of water.


This species is extremely carnivorous, and it preys only on smaller animals, such as mice, lizards and little snakes.

Protection status

This species is listed as “Least Concern” by IUCN Red List.

Interesting Fact

This kind of snake doesn’t represent a threat to humans, as it is not poisonous harmless.

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