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Reptiles & amphibians

Green Toad (Bufotes viridis)


The green toad can have a length (snout to vent) of 4.8 to 12 cm. The pupils are horizontal. It has a grey or olive colouration with green or olive spots along its back. Males have vocal sacs and can be identified by their call whereas females aren't capable of calling. Males also have nuptial pads and a smaller overall body size. It is mainly nocturnal, feeding and travelling to a water body to rehydrate at night.


It can be found in mountains, forests, scrubland, fields, gardens, vineyards and grasslands. As well as water bodies. For example, ditches, ponds and lakes.


This toad feeds on invertebrates (Arachnidae, Coleoptera, and other crawling invertebrates). It is also myrmecophagous, meaning that ants and termites are the main component of the Green Toad's diet.

Protection status

This species is listed as “Least Concern” by IUCN Red List.

Interesting Fact

The green toad can tolerate high temperatures and salinity, and can remain buried in dry soils for several months.

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