Wild life and nature of Samos, Ikaria & Fournoi

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Trees & Shrubs

Black pine (Pinus nigra)


This tree can grow up to 45 meters, although most commonly reaching 25 meters. The trunk has a grey-brown coloured bark that is scaly-plated and thick. The leaves, or pine needles, can be up to 15 cm long and about 2 mm thick, and are always paired by two. The cones mature from October to December, spreading seeds in the next spring. These cones could fall off shortly after the spreading of seeds, but they might also stick for up to two years.


This pine tree, native to the Mediterranean, can be found up to 2000 meters above the sea level, but it will need a strictly Mediterranean climate with no rainfall in summer. While it is mostly found in Turkey, it also covers areas in other Mediterranean countries. This species has been recorded in the United States of America, where it grows south of the ranges that other pines have.

Protection status

This species is listed as “Least Concern” by the IUCN Red List.

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