Wild life and nature of Samos, Ikaria & Fournoi

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Trees & Shrubs

Greek strawberry tree (Arbutus andrachnea)


This shrub rarely grows over 4 metres, though it can reach 12 metres height. The leaves are elliptical and glossy with a dark green upside and pale green underneath. In the summer the bark will exfoliate, revealing the pistachio green coloured layer underneath. During the summer this layer will dry, making it gradually turn into an orange-brown colour.


This tree, native to the Mediterranean, can be found on low and medium elevations all throughout Greece, sometimes along with the common strawberry tree.

Protection status

This species is listed as “Not Evaluated” by the IUCN Red List.

Interesting facts

The Greek strawberry tree is very similar to the common strawberry tree, but has smaller, harder fruits, which make it recognisable.

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