Wild life and nature of Samos, Ikaria & Fournoi

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Trees & Shrubs

Turpentine tree (Pistacia teberinthus)


This large shrub, also known as Terebinth, is often quite bushy, but can grow to the height of a small tree. In early spring this tree will grow both leaves and flowers, the latter ones being hard-shelled, reddish-purple and growing in dense bunches. The leaves have a shiny green upper side, and a dull green underside. The fruit takes the shape of a globular drupe and has a resinous smell.


This species is found throughout the Mediterranean, especially since it often hybridizes with Pistacia lentiscus. The Turpentine tree grows between other shrubs in southern Greece and on the Aegean islands, because the tree is extremely resistant to drought.

Protection status

This species is listed as “Not Evaluated” by the IUCN Red List.

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